Mayor of Beyoglu

Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan belongs to one of the long-established families Demircan of Beyoğlu. He was born in 1967 in Kasımpaşa, Beyoğlu where he currently lives. He was awarded his Bachelor Degree in 1992, from the Marmara University, Faculty of Theology, followed by his master degree in Political Sciences and International Relations Department at the same University. Besides that, he has participated to language courses in Tunis and England.

He started his professional life in the field of tourism and gained professional experiences in different countries. After gaining experience in various fields of tourism, he became general manager in a private company in the tourism sector.

Demircan took a step into active politics in 2001, with the foundation of the Justice and Development Party (AK Parti). He started his polical life as Justice and Development Party-Sarıyer District Deputy President and continued at the same political party as Member of the Regional Executive Committee and  the Party Administratif Center Deputy President of Tourism Commission. During the regional elections of March 28, in 2004, he was nominated as candidate for Beyoğlu Municipality in Istanbul by the Justice and Development Party (AK Parti), won the elections and became Mayor of Beyoğlu Municipality. Demircan has been candidated at the regional elections of 29th March 2009 again and has been elected as Mayor of District Beyoglu.